Lara Bingle Nude Picture Scandal Down Under


Good morning boys and girls. Today, we’ll be talking about Lara Bingle. Who’s Lara Bingle, you ask? Well, I didn’t know either, but a bunch of readers asked me to find a particular Lara Bingle nude picture that’s floating around the Internet, so I thought I’d ask the same question. Turns out Lara Bingle is an Australian model, a very popular one at that (at least back in Australia), and a very letigious one, too. In fact, she’s suing her ex-boyfriend, Brendan Fevola of the Brisbane Lions, an Aussie Rules Football player, claiming he distributed a picture of Lara Bingle nude in the shower from back when they were dating in 2006.

Now, since I’m not particularly keen on being sued by Miss Bingle, I won’t be posting that picture. But I did find a couple other Lara Bingle nude pictures from German GQ magazine, plus a whole bunch of Lara Bingle bikini pictures just so you could all see just how hot this Aussie chick is.