Ashley Greene Nude Bodypaint Pictures – More and Bigger

Oh. My. God. If you liked yesterday’s preview video of Ashley Green naked in bodypaint, then you are going to loooove these new Hi-Res Ashley Greene nude bodypaint pictures from And yes, I am blatantly promoting a product that’s not even paying me, but this is sheer marketing genius. I imagine the meeting went something like this:

- Ad Guy 1: Hey, let’s get that hot chick from Twilight to pose naked holding our product.
- Ad Guy 2: You mean Kristen Stewart?
- Ad Guy 1: No, she’s always high. The other one. Ashley something.
- Ad Guy 2: Oh yeah, Ashley Greene. She’s a fucking hottie. I’d love to see her naked.
- Ad Guy 1: No shit! Have you seen those nude cell phone pictures of her?
- Ad Guy 2: Where!? Where!? Where!?
- Ad Guy 1: I’ll show ‘em to ya later. Hey you think we can get this in Sports Illustrated if we cover her in sexy body paint?
- Ad Guy 2: Seriously, show me those nude cell phone pictures now before I kill you!

Or something like that. Anyway, here are a whole lot more pictures of Ashley Greene naked wearing nothing but bopdy paint, getting wet, and basically make a whole lot of guys fantasies come true.