Tara Reid Playboy Nude Pictures. You’re Welcome?

So, here’s the story behind these Tara Reid nude Playboy pictures. Besides desperately needing any shred of attention she can get to revive her long dead career, Tara is making a big fuss about how it wasn’t fair that people made fun of her horribly misshapen fake tits, and has decided to get naked in Playboy to show off her new fake tits in hopes that people will like her again. Nevermind the fact that Playboy Photoshopped her to hell here (and in the process actually made her look kind of attractive), we weren’t making of fun of Tara for having a bad boob job. Well, not just that. We were making fun of her for having bad stomache liposuction leaving her belly a saggy waistland, walking around with her disfigured breasts hanging out and not even knowing it, and generally being a complete and utter drunken mess. Hope that clears things up.

Pictures Removed – Playboy no likey.