Shauna Sand Sex Tape is a Clear Publicity Stunt


Today, TMZ is reporting that Vivid (the porn guys – as if you didn’t know) are releasing a Shauna Sand sex tape, but that Shauna is sicking her lawyers on the company claiming that Vivid doesn’t have her permission to release the tape, which she admits is actually just one of many sex tapes she has made with her current boyfriend.

“Yes I did make a sex tape with my boyfriend earlier this year. In fact I’ve made several sex tapes, but I certainly didn’t sign off on this and Vivid has no right to put it out. I am trying to get a hold of my attorney now.”

Vivid had this response:

“We were approached by a third party, who brought us footage of Shauna having sex with her current boyfriend and we were immediately interested in acquiring it … We’re comfortable with our legal position in releasing this footage.”

Okay, so first of all, she called TMZ before she called her lawyer. Um, really? Second, and this is the kicker, the footage from this sex tape has better production value than most real pornos. In fact, there are stills from the video which could only have been taken by a third person, involving multiple camera set-ups. Most likely the person who’s selling the tape to Vivid. Add to that the professionally shot photos taken in the same location, and I smell a publicity stunt. Now, call me crazy, but when you ask someone else to professionally film and photograph you having sex with your boyfriend, I’m pretty sure that’s straight up porn, and to put it bluntly, you’re fucked.