Meghan McCain is a Slut

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Meghan McCain is a slut. At least that's what some people are calling her after she posted the above photo on her Twitter page. The daughter of Republican Presidential nominee, John McCain, posted a photo of herself in a tank top while at home, and apparently it has caused some kind of controversy, since it seems some people just can't handle magnificently big breasts. Meghan has gone so far as to consider closing her Twitter account, and has strangely apologized to those she has "offended." First of all, if you are offended by breasts, what the fuck are you doing on the Internet!? And second, for the record, wearing a low-cut tank top when you're at home alone does not make you a slut. Neither does walking around topless. So if Meghan McCain wanted to post pictures of that on Twitter, I wouldn't be offended one bit.

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