Adrianne Curry is Slutty Slave Leia, Slutty Wonder Woman and Slutty Silke Spectre

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Sure, Slave Leia, Wonder Woman, and Silke Spectre are sexy outfits, but they don't quite fall into the "slutty" category. For that, you have to take a nurse outfit and make it dirty, or a cop outfit and make it dirty, or a Lindsay Lohan outfit and, oh... Wait. Anyway, here's Adrianne Curry in all three costumes, and she so easily takes them from sexy to slutty just by the very fact that she's wearing them. And what she was doing at the 2009 Wizard World Big Apple convention, besides being a total attention whore, I have no idea. Has she really stooped so low that she has to crash nerd conventions? Sad.

Even more sad: The fact that I'm actually writing about Adrianne Curry.

Photo credit: Splash News / WENN

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