Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane Threesome “Sex Tape” Video


The celebrity sex scandals are coming fast and furious these days. Vanessa Hudgens nude pictures leaked again (coincidentally a few days before her new movie came out…), Ashley Greene nude pictures leaked out (and now people know who the hell she is), and now a Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane threesome “sex tape” has been leaked to the Net. I put “sex tape” in quotes because there isn’t really any sex, but there is plenty of nudity from both Rebecca and Dane (who’s apparently even more famous than his wife for being “McSteamy” on Grey’s Anatomy, but I hate that stupid show, so I have no idea who he is), and Kari-Ann Peniche, a one-time beauty queen who lost her title after posing in Playboy, and is now little more than a glorified (and alleged) prostitute, or “Hollywood Madame” as they say. The video was initially published by Gawker, and it’s actually pretty boring, but they’re all very high, and very naked, so it’s good enough for a 5 minute break at work this morning, no?