Marisa Miller and her Supermodel Friends Are Also Sexy

Yesterday, we brought you the pairing of Bar Refaeli and Aerosmith. Ostensibly, beauty and the beasts. Today we’ve got Marisa Miller and her Victoria’s Secret Supermodel friends further proving that any douchebag can snag a Supermodel, so long as he is a douchebag with marginal musical talent (I’m looking at you Kanye West!), or a team of stylists to make it seem like he’s got marginal musical talent (I’m looking at you Panic at the Disco!). Hell, I doubt having any musical talent matters, as long as you can act the part. Supermodels are pretty easy to fool, after all.

Check out more pictures of Marisa Miller’s hot friends after the jump.

Note: Kanye West is musically talented (except for his last album), but his overwhelming douchebaggery completely negates any such talent, rendering him a massive, annoying, tool.