Lake Bell Gets Naked for Scott Caan


Lake Bell is one of my favourite actresses. Not because she’s a good actress, or anything like that, though. Cuz she’s not. No, it’s because of her boobs. Yes, Lake Bell has probably the greatest breasts ever, and Scott Caan has got probably the greatest photograph of them ever. Scott Caan, if you are not familiar, is an actor, and apparently a photographer too, and he’s released a new book, which features the photo above, as well as many other photos of celebrities including Lindsay Lohan (inset in the article from GQ magazine).

See? All it takes to get hot celebrities to get naked for you is to be a rich actor, who’s the son of an even richer actor, and pretend that you give a crap about being an artist, and Photography is how you express your soul, or some BS like that. Simple.

And yes, you can totally see Lake Bell’s nipples in that 3rd picture, but no, I don’t have a bigger version. Sad face.

You can buy Scott Caan Photographs on Amazon today.