AnnaLynne McCord Bikini Pictures Because She’s Always in a Bikini


I think it’s official: AnnaLynne McCord is the new Lindsay Lohan. No, she doesn’t have a cocaine problem (yet / that we know of), and no, she isn’t pretending to be a Lesbian (yet / that we know of / but that would be awesome), but I haven’t seen anyone in a bikini as often as we once did when Lindsay Lohan was trying to get as famous as she could. And if there’s one thing that AnnaLynne McCord is, it’s a fame whore (and maybe some other kinds of whore, but like I said before, not that we know of). So what’s the point? Fuck if I know. Here are the AnnaLynne McCord bikini pictures from her birthday party at the beach this weekend. No, you weren’t invited.

Oh, and judging by those last few pictures, maybe that Lesbian thing isn’t far off…

Naughty Update: Looks like someone’s having a little bikini malfunction! No, it’s not AnnaLynne, but her friend in this picture might be having some trouble with her bikini bottoms… Thanks to everyone who wrote in about this. (EgoStar added to picture below).

Lots more AnnaLynne McCord bikini pictures after the jump.

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