AnnaLynne McCord Upskirt Pictures


AnnaLynne McCord is fast on her way to becoming the new Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton. We saw one AnnaLynne McCord nipple slip before 90210 even aired, and then we saw another AnnaLynne McCord nipple slip on the 90210 set. And now she’s taking it to the next level with these bona fide AnnaLynne McCord upskirt pictures. And while she might be wearing panties, they’re see-through! She skipped a whole step from the “Look at Me, I’m an Attention Whore” Handbook (that would be flashing your non see-through panties). At this rate, you can be pretty sure that seeing some AnnaLynne McCord snatch isn’t far off. Though technically, you can kinda see it already.

Photo credit: NPG