Katy Perry Cleavage is Complex (and Egotastic!)

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Katy Perry is in the new issue of Complex magazine, and besides showing off her amazing boobs, she also talks about Egotastic!, and how we talk about her amazing boobs! You can read the full interview at Complex website, but here's the relelvant bits:

At least now I feel a little less weird about asking the next question...
Katy Perry: Bring it, Complex. You're so complex.
Well, the last three posts about you on the blog Egotastic have been...
Katy Perry: About my boobs?
Yup. "Katy Perry Boobs. Wow," "Katy Perry Cleavage Gets Classy in Esquire" and "Katy Perry Gives Good Cleavage."
Katy Perry: [Laughs.]
Since you come from a God-fearing family, would you consider them a blessing?
Katy Perry: God gave me these and I use them to my greatest extent. [Laughs.] I'm not posing naked or anything.

That last bit about not posing naked got us a bit bummed, but, hey, at least we know Katy Perry reads the site! Which makes absolutely no difference to anything, but whatever, just thought we'd mention.

Anyway check out the ridiculously hot pictures and video of Katy Perry's boobs all hanging out in these sexy S&M0-style photoshoot, because nothing says artisitic integrity like talking about your boobs, and then practically showing them off to the whole world.

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