Carrie Prejean “Topless” Pictures

TMZ posted a bunch of Carrie Prejean topless pictures today, but there’s just one problem: She’s not topless in any of the pictures. She is definitely wearing a top. Sure, that top is open and you can see her nipples, but not topless. And about actually seeing Carrie Prejean’s nipples… You can’t. Because TMZ censored the pictures and took all the fun out of it. So yeah.

If we find the uncesored versions, we’ll post that shit ASAP. Not because we particularly care about Carrie Prejean – who is the best thing that ever happened to the Mis USA Pageant, and the reason The Donald is keeping her around – but because we would very much like to see her nipples. Oh, and here’s yet another girl who really didn’t need plastic surgery. Way to go California.