Bar Refaeli Bikini Pictures on a Boat

I’m on a boat! Actually, Bar Refaeli is on a boat. But to be more precise, Bar Refaeli is in a bikini on a boat. And she’s also with some dude who is definitely not Leonardo DiCaprio. These shots were taken while Bar was on vacation in Thailand with some guy named Nacham or Noam. Maybe he’s her new boyfriend. Maybe he’s her brother. Maybe I don’t care who he is one way or the other. All I care about is the fact that Bar Refaeli is in that bikini, and looks redonculous. Yes, I used the word redonculous. Get over it.

Update: Okay, so to avoid getting tons of emails telling me who that guy is, let me tell you. His name is Noam Tor, from the Israeli version of Survivor. Bar and Noam are doing promo work for Israeli fashion line Fox. In case you cared.