Demi Moore's Ass Gets Twittered, or Tweeted, or Twatted, or Something

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So the big story for Interweb nerds around the Blogoscape this weekend was the news that Ashton Kutcher posted a picture of Demi Moore's ass in a bikini on TwitPic, and then wrote about it on Twitter. You know Twitter, right? The new social networking, micro-blogging thing that everyone's talking about, but no one really knows what the hell it is. Yeah, that Twitter. Anyway, point is, Ashton obviously has too much time on his hands (like everyone who uses Twitter), and will most probably be spending a few nights on the couch.

Here are Ashton's "Tweets." You can also "follow" Ashton on Twitter if you care.

watching my wife steam my suit while wearing a bikini. I love God!

9:43 AM Mar 21st from TweetDeck

I'm not wearing the bikini she is that's what makes it so glorious

9:46 AM Mar 21st from TweetDeck

shhh don't tell wifey

10:11 AM Mar 21st from TweetDeck

And here's Demi Moore's ass:

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