Not Lauren Conrad Bikini Pictures

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Lauren Conrad is annoying. She went to Hawaii with her gaggle of Hills Mensa Candidates, but did she once go out and wear a skimpy little bikini? No. We got some nice Audrina Patridge bikini pictures but Audrina was practically born in a bikini, and she paid a lot of money for those fake boobs of hers, and wants to get her money's worth. But did we see any Lauren Conrad bikini pictures? No. All we got were these Stephanie Pratt bikini pictures, and the only reason I'm posting these is because Lauren Conrad is basically just staring at Stephanie Pratt's tits. No other reason. And LC, if I can call you that, just so we're clear, your personality, or lack thereof, is not why people care about you. Wait, why do people care about you? Oh, that's right, they don't.

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