“Bikini Girl” Katrina Darrell Wants Her 15 Minutes

She got kicked off American Idol, but “Bikini Girl” aka Katrina Darrell is holding on tight to her 15 minutes of “fame.” I put fame in quotations because she’s not really famous. She’s just a skinny girl with fake boobs who looks good in a bikini. But like any other attention whore with limited abilities, she’s going to milk her moment in the spotlight for all it’s worth. Which apparently includes posing for staged paparazzi bikini photos that aren’t even in focus.

I’m not an expert or anything, but maybe sticking to the whole bikini thing is the reason you got kicked off the show in the first place. You might want to shake things up a little. Show that you’ve got some range. Maybe lose the bikini.

Photo credit: pacificcoastnewsonline.com