Aubrey O’Day Nude Playboy Pictures

Well, here it is. Aubrey O’Day nude in Playboy. And, well, um…. I’m bored. I don’t get it. Playboy paid $500,000 for one of the skankiest, nastiest, slutiest chicks in the world (who hangs out with porn stars) to sit on a chair in front of grey background? Really? I mean, I’m not expecting to see Aubrey getting gang-banged by midgets, but WTF? Besides photoshopping the fuck out of her already plastic face (and breasts) there is absolutely no effort being put in here. Someone needs to remind Playboy that the phrase is “sex sells” not “boring plastic clone women with boring fake plastic boobs sells.” And forget the sex, where’s the sexy? Why is Aubrey O’Day naked putting me to sleep?

If you want to see more of Aubrey O’Day naked, you can find it at and the Cyber Club, and who knows, maybe that’s where all the sexy pictures are.