First Picture of Jessica Biel as a Stripper in Powder Blue?

Okay, so here’s a blurry picture that hit the net a couple days ago, which is supposedly of Jessica Biel in lingerie from her upcoming movie Powder Blue. Of course, we can’t fully see the face, and it looks like that push-up bra is making her breasts seem a lot bigger than normal, but those curves are undeniable.

So what’s the big deal? Well, besides getting to see Jessica Biel in her underwear, we may also get to see Jessica Biel nude in Powder Blue, In fact, since our last report, it has been confirmed that Jessica Biel will be naked in the movie, and has “signed a contract that explicitly details the bare minimum fans will see – including shots of her breasts and butt,” according to an US Weekly source.

So squint away, and get ready for the day when we finally get to see Jessica Biel naked.

Oh, and the creepy guy staring back at you is not Patrick Swayze, but his creepier, uglier brother Don Swayze. Sorry.