Katy Perry Nipple Slip? Almost


So, according to The Sun, these pictures reveal a Katy Perry nipple slip, and while I would like nothing more than for that to be true, I think they’re stretching the truth a little bit. Sure, Katy was very close to popping out of her top during a performance in Toronto this weekend, but this isn’t quite a full on Katy Perry nipple slip. It’s at best a half a nip slip, but you know what, I’ll take it. At the very least we get to see a bit more of Katy’s awesome boobs. Here’s hoping that the next time we get the Full Monty, or at least a full nipple.

Since this is a borderline nipple slip, I’ll be covering up the “naughty” bits, so as not to offend our ever so chaste advertisers.

Update: The nipple slip is real! Check out the Hi-Res Katy Perry Nipple Slip Pictures