I Can See Katy Perry’s Breasts

Okay, I am really liking Katy Perry. Not her music, I couldn’t care less about that. No, I like Katy Perry, and Katy Perry’s breasts, in particular. And wouldn’t you know it, here they are in full view under a very see-through nightgown. Sadly, there are strategically placed patches on said nightgown, so you can’t actually see Katy Perry’s nipples (or maybe you can, if you look real close), but you can see pretty much everything else. And there’s a lot to see.

I also like Katy Perry because she’s really cute. But mainly the boobs thing. Also, check out these other cute Katy Perry pictures, with plenty of fun cleavage, and sexy girls doing sexy things.

Also, check out Katy Perry’s breasts getting plastered.