Everybody Loves Lindsay Lohan’s Cleavage

Love her or hate her, Lindsay Lohan still has the best boobs in Hollywood, or at least the best cleavage. And as you can see, Lindsay’s 15-year-old boyfriend, Sam Ronson thinks so too. Now that’s one lucky kid. Could you imagine still being in High School, and getting to date Lindsay Lohan? I think it’s every young boy’s dream.

What’s that? Sam Ronson is a girl, and Lindsay Lohan is a lesbian? Well, Sam, or “Samantha” might be a girl, but you know Lindsay is no lesbian. Just look at that guy girl. You can bet the strap-on comes out every night. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Sam was wearing it right now.

And because I’m as obsessed with Lindsay Lohan’s breasts as her “girlfriend” is, there are lots, and lots, and lots more pictures of Lindsay Lohan’s crazy cleavage after the jump.

Photo credit: Splash News / WENN
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