Christina Aguilera is All Breast and Leg, Like a Bucket of Chicken

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Christina Aguilera wants us to think she's sexy. Sadly, she's the farthest thing from it. Sure she's got big boobs, and skinny legs, but she's also got a ton of make-up plastered on, and hair so bleached and brittle a calm wind could snap it. Oh, and those boobs are fake (in case you didn't already know that). And yet, there is still this fascination with crazily curvaceous form. But I think it's kind of like a car crash. Even though you don't want to, you just have to look.

Anyway, here's Christina Aguilera on her way to promote her latest whore perfume. I wonder if wearing it does the same thing that those Joker cosmetics did in the first Batman movie. She sure does look like Jack Nicholson did...

Photo credit: Splash News / Flynet / INF Photo

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