Audrina Patridge Bikini Pictures from Douchebag Central (aka LA)

It feels like Fridays are Audrina Patridge bikini picture days lately, and that’s fine by me. This week, we have Audrina in her pink bikini, on what looks like a rooftop pool in downtown LA. I think it’s that hotel pool that’s in all those movies and TV shows.

The most amusing part of these pictures, aside from that incredible Audrina Patridge side boob, is all the fucking douchebags hanging out in the pool with their fucking douchebag hats, and their fucking douchebag tattoos. Take note: If you have too many tattoos, wear small fedora hats, or baseball caps with patterns or rhinestones on them (cocked to the side), wear your pants below your underwear, wear white sunglases, and / or too much jewelery, you are a fucking douchebag. Yeah you, you fucking douchebag.