Miley Cyrus (Not) Naked in the Shower, Plus a Whole New Sex Scandal

Miley Cyrus has done it again, as more of her private pictures have surfaced online. This time the photos, which were supposedly mailed to Miley’s boyfriend, Nick Jonas, of the Jonas Brothers band, were apparently hacked by someone calling himself TrainReq, who claims to have much naughtier pictures of Miley Cyrus, possibly even Miley Cyrus nude pictures, which he is planning to sell.

TrainReq also claims to have been reading Miley’s email for the past few months, and says that she has written very sexy emails to Nick Jonas, detailing their sexual exploits. The thing is, Miley and Nick have both told the media that they are still virgins…

Here’s what TrainReq wrote on a message board.

i have worse pictures than these, and those are prob getting sold. I saw alot of juicy emails, but I never thought of saving them.. now I kick myself for not.. there where so many juicy emails that I read… ones with her talking to nick about the night they fucked, etc.

So I guess we should be keeping our eyes peeled for those new pictures, eh? Of course, we probably couldn’t even post them here, because Miley Cyrus is still 15 or something, so posting pictures of MIley Cyrus naked is probably illegal, or very close to it.

Anyway, here are the hacked pictures, tagged by TrainReq, and showing Miley doing her ever popular shirt-lifting pose, wearing a “Nick J” necklace, and also standing in the shower, wearing a very wet t-shirt.