These Kim Kardashian Bikini Pictures Are Kinda Depressing

You know what’s depressing about these Kim Kardashian bikini pictures? They are from a Portuguese magazine. That means Kim Kardashian has actually managed to export her uselessness beyond the confines of American reality TV. And seriously, what the fuck has Kim Kardashian done besides be annoying (albeit forgettable), grow an ass the size of small moon (that’s no moon, that’s a space station), and get peed on (seriously, it was in the Kim Kardashian sex tape – I think, I didn’t actually watch it all the way, but that’s what I heard)? Point is, well, I don’t know what the point is, but I know it’s depressing.

Oh, and I know how you guys hate it when I say someone’s topless, even though you can’t really see anything, but technically, Kim Kardashian is topless (and bottomless – which sounds funny, considering it’s Kim Kardashian) here. Just thought I’d point it out.