Naomi Campbell Bikini Pictures

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She may be bat shit crazy, but these Naomi Campbell bikini pictures show that the insane, cell phone throwing Diva can still look pretty good. Her receding hairline, on the other hand is another issue. Still, all things considered, Naomi proved why she used to be one of the top models in the world while on vacation with her Brazilian entrepreneur boyfriend, Marcus Elias, in St. Tropez.

And speaking of Naomi Campbell's boyfriend, the thing I'd like to know, though, is what kind of guy could actually stand to be in a relationship with her? I mean, being hot really isn't enough to sustain a relationship (especially when she's going bald). Unless you like having small eletronic devices whipped at you head. Though many powerful men seam to get off on that. I'd hate to see what Naomi does with that Water Waggle when she's angry.

Photo credit: INF Photo

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