Lindsay Lohan Gets Felt Up

I don’t know who that guy is, but you can add him to the list of the lucky few many that have gotten their hands on Lindsay Lohan’s breasts. Now, don’t go thinking that Lindsay Lohan is back to loving sausage. No, she’s still very much pretending that she’s not really dating Samantha Ronson, but these pictures of Lindsay Lohan getting her boobs grabbed, and felt up are from the set of her new movie Labor Pains.

Lindsay is actually pregnant in this scene, and you can see her fake baby bump. So I guess this movie is for all those pregnant sex fetishists out there. Or for all those people who want a low-rent, version of Knocked Up. Wow. I can’t wait to not see this movie.

And yes, the guy is trying to round third base. Kinda reminds me of the time we saw Lindsay Lohan giving a blow job.

Now, when do I get to touch Lindsay Lohan’s breasts? Everyone else has.

Photo credit: Splash News