Looks Like Lindsay Lohan is a Lesbian, Kissing Samantha Ronson

Rumour has it that Lindsay Lohan is a lesbian, and has been getting hot and heavy with her “girlfriend,” Samantha Ronson. And with public denials coming from her family, you could pretty much take it for granted. But if you really needed confirmation, I think these pictures of Lindsay Lohan kissing Samantha Ronson and holding her hand in Cannes should be more than enough to convince you.

Sure, you can’t actually see Lindsay and Samantha locking lips, but they are getting really close, and if it talks like a duck, and walks like a duck, it’s probably Lindsay Lohan sticking her tongue down another girls throat. Now, I don’t know for certain if Lindsay Lohan is really a lesbian, but she is a whore. An attention whore. And what better way to get attention (besides posing nude, or crashing cars) than to start kissing girls in public. If it’s attention she wants, that’ll work everytime.

Lots more pictures of Lindsay Lohan looking leggy and lovely and a lot like a lesbian after the jump.

UPDATE: Lindsay Lohan is totally a lesbian…