Lindsay Lohan Nude Scene is “No Problem”

For a role as a nympohmaniac waitress, in the new movie Florence, Lindsay Lohan has offered to strip naked. Yes, full frontal, firecrotch on display, Lindsay Lohan naked. But get this, the script only calls for a Lindsay Lohan topless scene, leading the producers to turn down her offer. WHAAAT! Don’t worry, though. While we may not get to see Lindsay Lohan nude, full frontal (this time, anyway), we’ll still get to see Lindsay Lohan topless, reports Softpedia. And how much does a fully naked Lindsay Lohan go for these days? Well after she got paid nothing to pose nude for New York magazine, she’s only getting a paltry $75,000 for this new role.

Lindsay Lohan sure needs very little persuasion to get naked these days, for… artistic purposes, that is. The rehabbed actress – who, incidentally, has been spotted downing rather a lot of vodka and popping pills in various clubs lately – made a passion for removing her clothes in full view of the world, and is quite keen to keep at it. After her brief nude stint in New York magazine (where she did her best to re-enact Marilyn Monroe’s famous last sitting with photographer Bert Stern), Lohan set her sights on a role which would reportedly allow her to give full reign to her underlying nudity and play a nymphomaniac waitress in the indie film “Florence”. Although the role only requires Lindsay to take her top off for one sex scene, the actress allegedly volunteered to do a lot more.

In exchange for her flesh-baring efforts, Lohan is only getting paid $75,000. However, this is of no importance to her, as she’s just keen to… well, get naked and sweaty. That is, get down to business. “Lindsay doesn’t care that she’s getting paid peanuts,” reports an insider quoted by Star magazine. “She just wants to remind people that she can act and she’s worth hiring.” Also, the source reports that although the script only requires LiLo to show her boobs, she offered to go all the way down and strip completely. “She said it would be no problem to go Full Monty,” added the insider. Thankfully, the producers refused to go along with her very helpful offer.

Now, let me get this straight. Lindsay Lohan is willing to get naked on camera for just $75,000? Okay, someone get me a video camera and $75,000. It’s time to make a movie.

Also, if Lindsay Lohan is trying to prove her skills as an actress, wouldn’t make more sense to try and play against type? I mean, a nymphomaniac waitress? Is that really any different than already being a nymphomaniac actress?

Here are some random pictures of Lindsay Lohan from the Czech issue of Harper’s Bazaar.