Keeley Hazell “Sings” in “Voyeur” Music Video


Keeley Hazell is probably best known for having the best boobs in Britain, but now she wants to proove she’s got a set of lungs to match. Yes, that’s right, everyone’s favourite topless model now wants a singing career. Check out her debut single entitled “Voyeur,” a none too subtle reference to her day job where she gets naked.

So can she sing? Well, these days, all you need is a microphone and a copy of ProTools, and anyone can sing. Especially if they’re really just talking the lyrics like Keeley does. But with lyrics like “Your eyes are good to me,” and “I don’t care, you can stare” it doesn’t really matter what she’s saying.

Thankfully she hasn’t forgotten her roots. From sexy lingerie and leather outfits, to dancing on stripper poles, this video has just about everything you’d expect from a Keeley Hazell music video, including some nice close ups of her greatest talents.

Of course, it’s not like Keeley doesn’t have any experience in the Pop world. In fact, she did her best impressions of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Madonna for ZOO magazine. And by best impression, I mean topless, of course. Check out ZOO for lots more Keeley pics.

Keeley topless as Britney Spears

Keeley topless as Christina Aguilera

Keeley topless as Madonna