Katherine Heigl’s Panties Come Out to Play

Comedy isn’t easy (which is obvious if you read this blog very often), and I can tell by this scene from Katherine Heigl’s new movie The Ugly Truth, that it isn’t getting any easier. Thankfully, if you don’t find the cliché of a girl’s skirt getting caught in a car door and being ripped off particularly clever or funny, at least you’ll have Katherine Heigl’s ass to look at.

Of course, my sense of humour would be a lot more thankful if Katherine Heigl was wearing a thong. Or if more than just her skirt had been ripped off, but I’m not the one getting paid to write that script. Though maybe I should be. Or maybe not.

More pictures of Katherine Heigl in her panties after the jump.

Photo credit: pacificcoastnewsonline.com