Dita Von Teese’ Porn Past is No Secret


So The Sun has “revealed” a “secret” that Dita Von Teese was a porn star! Problem is, that was never a secret. In fact, half the movies on Dita Von Teese’s IMDB page are soft-core lesbian porn flicks. And that’s not including all the work she did for Playboy. The fact that these “revelations” come out just after Dita was made the new spokesmodel for Wonderbra might have something to with the “surprise.”

Busty new Wonderbra model Dita Von Teese has a secret hardcore porn past, The Sun can reveal.

The stage queen — famed for making the burlesque show mainstream — starred in a kinky lesbian movie.

Explicit clips of the 35-year-old being spanked and pleasured with a bizarre sex toy by women have emerged online.

In one scene [Dita] romps with a leggy beauty with a sex toy. In another she cavorts with two stunners in corsets.

It is a blow to Wonderbra who only launched her as the new face of their famous push-up bra last month.

They hoped Dita — real name Heather Sweet — would enhance the company’s clean-cut image by designing her own limited edition collection.

But the sleazy flick — shot before she rose to fame — will shock lingerie bosses. Wonderbra declined to comment.

So, are you surprised? Pleasantly surprised? Making a B-Line for BitTorrent? I guess that would depend on if you care who Dita Von Teese is. Anyway, point is The Sun dropped the ball. Also, isn’t Heather Sweet already the perfect pron name? Why’d she have to change it to something lame like Dita Von Teese?

Whatever. Here are some pictures of Dita Von Teese naked, being covered in silver paint.