Angelina Jolie: Bikini Model at 16

In Touch magazine has “uncovered” video and photos of Angelina Jolie from a bikini modeling photoshoot from 1992, when she was just 16 years old. I’m not sure if this is supposed to be scandalous in any way, but I guess the point of the article is that before Angelina Jolie was famous and sexy she was just sexy.

Years before she became an internationally famous sex symbol, a teenage Angelina Jolie had what it took to be a swimsuit model — as In Touch exclusively reveals in these photos. Shot by photographer Sean McCall — and videotaped — the striking images depict a beautiful 16-year-old Angelina posing for a sensual modeling shoot.

Yes, she was cute, and attractive, but in these shots, the word sexy or sensual doesn’t really come to mind. More like trying to hard. Then again, it was the early ’90s, and there’s nothing sexy about the early ’90s. Actually, yeah, she was sexy.

Watch the Videos: