Mischa Barton Nude Video from Closing the Ring


Here’s Mischa Barton nude in Closing the Ring. If you haven’t heard of it, that’s because it’s another one of her direct-to-dvd movies. This one, however, is special, because while we saw Mischa Barton “nude” in The OH in Ohio, in this one we actually see Mischa Barton naked.

No pasties, no cut-aways, just 100% full-on Mischa Barton nude. Here’s the first nude scene from the film to hit the net, and if you’re wondering why it’s in Spanish, that’s because this clip is taken from an extended trailer, dubbed in Spanish.

Stay tuned for more clips of Mischa Barton’s nude scenes from Closing the Ring as they come out, but for now, here’s a great look at Mischa’s breasts and ass. And yes, they’re quite nice.

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