Gisele Bundchen Nude Picture up for Auction, Kate Moss, Too


The Sun is reporting that Christie’s Auction House will auctioning of a set of photos featuring Gisele Bundchen nude, along with Kate Moss nude, as well. The collection, being sold by German collector, Gert Elfering is expected to be sold for £1.5million, that’s over $3 Million.

These cheeky shots of supermodels Kate Moss and Gisele Bundchen are part of a collection tipped to fetch £1.5million at auction.

An original image of Brigitte Bardot is also among 135 being sold by German-born collector Gert Elfering.

Auction house Christie’s said: “The stylised, idealised female figure occupies a privileged place in Elfering’s aesthetic.”

A selection of the prints went on display yesterday at Christie’s in London ahead of the sale in New York in April.

Hope nobody gets a bum deal…

Wow, $3 Million dollars for a bunch of photos!? That’s kind of insane. And since we have those photos right here, I’m not really sure who’s going to pay that much. And if you really want to see Gisele Bundchen naked on your wall, just get a large-format printer, and some big pieces of paper. It’ll be a lot cheaper.