Ashley Alexandra Dupre Nude Pictures?


You’ve probably heard of Ashley Alexandra Durpe by now, but in case you haven’t she’s the alleged $4000/hour hooker, aka Kristen, at the centre of the Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal. She’s been a Girl Gone Wild, and posed nude for The New York Post, but so far she has yet to be seen naked. But thanks to an intrepid Egotastic! reader, we can now share with you what we believe are the first Ashley Alexandra Dupre nude pictures.

These photos, which we’re told are from the now offline Emperor’s Club VIP website, show what appears to be Ashley Alexandra Dupre naked, and in various stages of undress. We can’t be sure, though, because we obviously can’t see her face, although the mouth and chin are exactly the same. However, hiding the escort’s face is typical practice for such sites.

So is this really Ashley Alexandra Dupre naked? And if it is, would you really pay $4000/hour for a short girl with fake breasts? I mean, you could find ten girls just like her in any bar in Jersey.

Here’s a video of Ashley in Girls Gone Wild.

And here are the pictures of her published in the New York Post for comparison’s sake, more of which you can find after the jump.