Lindsay Lohan’s Nude Photos Were Unexpected

So, it still hasn’t quite hit me, but we saw Lindsay Lohan naked yesterday. Completely out of nowhere, and Bang! Lindsay Lohan’s breasts. I, of course, was asleep. My alarm didn’t go off, mainly because I forgot to set it properly, and when I finally awoke (to 25 emails in my inbox questioning my fitness as a blogger), I realized yesterday was definitely the biggest day of the Internet so far this year.

Yes, it was just boobs, but a lot of people have been waiting a long time to see those boobs, and you have to admit they are nice. Anyway, I just felt like reminiscing. Good times… Anyway, here’s Lindsay acting like nothing big happened at all yesterday as she attended the The 3rd Annual Los Angeles Italia-Film Fashion & Art Fest, of all things.

Oh, did I mention we saw Lindsay Lohan nude yesterday?

Photo credit: WENN