Jordan’s Nipple Slip: Most Disgusting. Nipple Slip. Ever.


WARNING: If you are easily upset by disturbing imagery, you are strongly cautioned NOT to click on the pictures in this post! Why? Well, normally, we’d be all for a Jordan nipple slip, but that was before we knew that Jordan’s nipples are completely sewn on.

That’s right, Jordan’s nipples have been completely removed, and then reattached (probably multiple times, thanks to her numerous breast augmentations, and reductions), and you can actually see the stitch marks around her nipple. It is the most hideous thing I have ever seen.

If you are masochistic, or don’t mind being scarred for life, feel free to click on the pictures below, for the full size, truly uncensored images. Use at your own risk. Egotastic! will not be held liable for any medical issues incurred from viewing these pictures.

Photo credit: WENN / Splash