Angela Lindvall Nude Pictures from Purple Magazine


Angela Lindvall is one of my all-time favourite Supermodels, so these new artistic Angela Lindvall nude pictures from Purple magazine are a very nice surprise on this rather dull hump day. If these Angela Lindvall nude pictures look at all familiar to you, you may remember that we saw some very similar Chloe Sevigny nude pictures from Purple magazine, as well.

While not the most famous Supermodel out there, Angela Lindvall has been a Victoria’s Secret model, and appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue several times. She’s also quite the budding actress, having appeared in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and her performance in the CQ was great. She also has a new horror movie, called Pearblossom, coming out in 2008.

If there’s just one criticism I have is that she seems to have lost quite a bit of weight. I’m not into the super-skinny thing, so it’s a little sad that the once curvy Lindvall isn’t that curvy anymore. Still, I’m not complaining that much.