WTF Happened to Jessica Biel’s Face!?

Can someone please explain to me what the hell is going on with Jessica Biel‘s face? Now, I know she’s not wearing any make-up, and that most celebrities really aren’t anything special without make-up, but Holy Crap! It’s like someone scraped all the pretty off of Jessica Biel.

And her lips! What’s going on there? It looks like she beat up Heidi Montag, and stole all her lip collagen. Jessica’s upper lip doesn’t look bee-stung, it looks like she was attacked by an entire hive.

Seriously, these Hollywood girls need to get it into their heads that plastic surgery never makes anyone look better. Ever. Or maybe it’s just that all the plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills really did go to Upstairs Hollywood Medical School. Paging Dr. Nick!

Click on the thumbnail for a truly frightening close up of Jessica Biel’s newly fuggified face. Also, Blonde: Not a good colour for Jessica Biel.