Paris Hilton: Bikini Model for Skanks

I really don’t understand who’s buying what Paris Hilton is selling, and I feel better about that, because I would never want to meet anyone who was dumb enough to think that acting, or dressing like Paris Hilton is in any way cool, sexy, or worth emulating.

What’s even worse, though is that this Paris Hilton bikini shoot is even scarier, since it seems to be so close to her real life activities. I know it’s common to have models looking like they are in the middle of some hot affair, but it’s a different story when it’s Paris Hilton. Frankly, this looks more like a documentary, than a modelling shoot (albeit a Hills style documentay).

Anyway, the people using Paris Hilton to sell their clothes are stupid. *COUGH* Fila *COUGH*. And the people wearing the clothes Paris Hilton is selling are even worse. I wonder if the Herpes is included free?

Lots more pictuers of Paris Hilton skanking it up in her bikini after the jump.

Photo credit: Splash