Natalie Portman Has Big Fake Breasts

If you’ve every wondered what it would be like if Natalie Portman had really big boobs, wonder no more. But don’t worry, Natalie didn’t get breast implants. But she did apparently stuff her bra real good for her role in the upcoming My Blueberry Nights. She also went blonde for the film, and holy crap does she look good.

Now, I’ve always been a fan of the regular, petite Natalie Portman, but I’ve got to say, even though I know 100% that those aren’t really her boobs, and that breast implants are gross anyway, that primitive male instinct in the back of my head (known as my brain) doesn’t care at all! WAWAWEEWA!

More pictures of Natalie Portman looking amazing (and Nora Jones looking pretty cute, too) after the jump.