Keeley Hazell is Back in a Bikini, and She’s Got New Lips!?

I know it’s hard to look at anything besides Keeley Hazell‘s amazing boobs, but if you take a second and look at her lips, I think you’ll notice that they are looking quite a bit different than they did before. Her top lip is looking rather swollen, and unless she walked into a glass door, or something, I think she may have actually got collagen lip enlargements, which is a shame, bucause Keeley Hazell is basically perfection, so there’s no need to mess that up.

Let’s just be thankful that her breasts are big enough not to require any enhancements. Here’s hoping the rest of Keeley stays just as natural. Still, as long as Zoo is giving us Keeley Hazell bikini pictures, I don’t think I’ll complain too much.

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