Jennifer Aniston Bikini Bum – Part 2

Yesterday we posted some Jennifer Aniston bikini pictures which focussed squarely on Jennifer Aniston’s ass. Well, I’m glad to say that we’ve got some more extremely nice Jennifer Aniston bikini pictures that also focus squarely on her ass. And let me tell you, what an ass it is. I’m actually really surprised with the just how nice it is. In some shots, we’re even approaching Alba territory, if I may be so bold.

Now, you may recognize a few of these pictures from yesterday’s post, but these are all hi-res now, and frankly, I think Jennifer Aniston’s ass deserves an encore presentation. Also in this set: Jennifer Aniston’s foot in Courtney Cox’s mouth. WTF!?

Many, many more Jennifer Aniston bikini pictures after the jump.

Photo credit: Splash