Heidi Montag Topless Pictures from Maxim

If you pick up the February issue of Maxim magazine you’ll find Heidi Montag topless inside. Which seems logical, considering she payed a lot of money for her new boobs (and nose, and lips). But for some reason, even though she is topless, she’s still covering herself up.

I don’t get it. If you went to all that trouble to stuff your chest full of plastic, don’t you want people to see the results? I mean, we can all see her new nose, and her new lips, which are just awful, so why is she covering up her new breasts?

Whatever, I’m sure you could open up the boob job catalogue and see them anyway. I think her’s are the ones on page 74.

Oh, Heidi also talks about The Hills, and Lauren Conrad in her interview, but I’m sure that’s why you’ll be picking up the magazine.