Heidi Montag Goes Ass Up

No, that’s not Deja Vu you’re feeling, it’s just yet another set of completely staged Heidi Montag bikini pictures. I don’t know who she thinks she’s fooling, but I guess it’s the effort that counts.

Of course, with those newly permantently pouty lips of hers, these pictures look like they were taken on the set of a softcore couples porn video. Although, judging by the recent “enhancements” to Heidi’s figure, that may well be what she was going for. Or was it her pimp/boyfriend’s idea?

Anyway, there’s about a bazillion pictures of Heidi Montag showing off her increasingly fake figure, face, and life, after the jump. And yes, I realize that I have once again fallen into her trap, hook, line and hooker, I mean sinker. So, if you’re as incapable of looking away as I am, you’ll probably enjoy it.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News