Eva Mendes Nipple Slip and Side Boob Galore!


Eva Mendes’s breasts seem to have been the topic of conversation on this French talk show she appeared on. While I do speak French, I don’t speak “screen cap” so I can only imagine what they’re talking about, but since she is basically opening her shirt, and looking at her breasts, and then we get an Eva Mendes nipple slip, I can’t really see what else they would have been talking about.

Maybe they were all like “Uh oh! You’re gonna end up Egotastic! with stars all over your nipples, if you don’t put those things away Eva.” To which she most probably responded: “What? These things, oh, that’s no big deal.”

I love French TV.

Video Update:

Now you can see the Eva Mendes nipple slip in action! And she talks about taking her top off.