Carla Bruni, a Bikini, and Nicolas Sarkozy

No one quite understood what Bill Clinton saw in Monica Lewinsky, but there’s no denying what French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, sees in former Supermodel, and French singer, Carla Bruni. And if you still haven’t figured it out, these Carla Bruni bikini pictures should make it a little easier.

Sadly for President Sarkozy, not everything in his life is as rosy as his romance. According to BBC News, his approval ratings have plumetted among the French public since his whirlwind romance with the stunning siren began, with many saying he’s spending too much time focussing on his love life, and not his job.

But if the people think he was ignoring his Presidential duties before, I wonder how much attention he’s paying to politics while he’s got Carla Bruni, half naked on the beach…

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin