Avril Lavigne Bikini Pictures!

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You wouldn't necessarily know it from all her baggy, lame, "punk" outfits, but Avril Lavigne actually has one of the hottest bodies in the biz, and that's why I'm particularly excited about these new Avril Lavigne bikini pictures. Yes, that's right, Avril Lavigne is finally in a bikini.

Now, as much as Avril annoys the hell out of me, it's moments like these that make stop caring completely. Maybe I'm going overboard, but damn, do I loves me some Avril Lavigne boobage. This nearly unprecedented moment could have been quite a bit better, though, if there weren't so many pictures of Avril wearing her baggy, lame, "punk" outfit at the beach. Who does that!? This girl should not have body image problems. Hopefully next time we'll actually get a glimpse of some Avril Lavigne ass too.

Update: We've got another post of More Avril Lavigne Bikini Pictures!

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin / INF Photo / Mavrix

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